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Once upon a time, LJ tried to get rid of Candy Robot.

But they failed.

This journal is now 50% Friends Only and 50% Public.

What does this LJ contain?
・ Candy Robot's daily events
・ Rants
・ And... yeah that's about it.

I don't really feel comfortable adding random strangers, so just stick around... Once I feel that I know you well enough, I'll add you (since my fo posts are soooo secretive and special and all, right?)

In the mean time, fill this out so I don't have to feel bad when I see you comment me and I have no clue who you are XD

★ Name:
★ Age:
★ Location:
★ How did you find me?:
★ Hobbies:
★ Any pictures?
★ MySpace:

R.I.P candyrobot
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